Company Overview

  1. Founded in 2009 with a vision to develop and create entrepreneurship in the field of Biotechnology.
  2. We are producing Mushroom of high quality in an environment friendly set up.
  3. We also encourage people to come forward and develop the skill to grow mushrooms.
  4. We are working towards producing mushroom without creating any harm to the environment.
  5. JAYAA AGRO FOODS is committed towards Quality, Better Shelf Life and healthy Mushrooms.
  6. We are also committed towards promoting a healthy lifestyle in the society.
  7. We produce Mushroom which is purely Organic in nature.
  8. We have a set up for Rain water Harvesting, for boiling we have solar panel system.
  9. And the left over post harvest material is recycled and converted into compost to protect the environment.



Our vision is to become the recognized industry leader by our customers in the agro-related businesses in which we compete.

Our core values



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