Consultancy Program

Mushrooms are one of the finest creations of Nature and have always been a keen area of interest for generations. Over past few decades, people have shown interest in commercialization of Mushroom Cultivation at various levels. With the advent of technology, there has been major improvement in cultivation and post-harvest techniques; even then, mushroom cultivation is still a labor intensive process largely. The major setback that the industry has been facing is regarding the proper understanding of various growth parameters, utilization of various natural resources, control of contamination and planning a better market strategy to sell the finished product. All of these are neatly linked to one another and has to be carefully managed. We, at Jayaa Agro Foods, help clients to understand these minute details with perfection and thus building up the confidence of the young entrepreneurs. We enable them to build up an enterprise of their own and with a positive attitude.

Roles & Responsibilities

The areas which we cover in consultation are:

  1. Planning a Production Set up and its design, based upon the local Environment of the area of production.
  2. Helping Clients in starting up the Production of the Mushrooms which includes training for the Staff members (2 - 3).
  3. Helping Clients to continue a Contamination FREE Production, such that the losses in Mushroom Cultivation, be maximally minimized.
  4. Giving all minute details to initiate a good production.
  5. Helps in Establishing a low cost Set up.
  6. Planning and Designing the marketing strategy.
  7. Helping to set up an Environment Friendly setup.
  8. Innovate, Improvise and Optimize the production method.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Consultation is for 3-12 months from the date of Registration.
  2. Every consecutive 3 month the consultation can be renewed depending upon the acceptance by both the parties.
  3. Registration fee has to be paid one time only.
  4. This Consultation is for 3 months from the date of Registration. Thereafter, any consultation will be charged.
  5. Jayaa Agro Foods is not responsible for the marketing and sales of the product of any consultation firm.
  6. Information of every client is kept confidential.
  7. Jayaa Agro Foods is committed towards quality support and full commitment would be the sole responsibility of the client.
  8. The consultation will be stopped if the client does not abide by the guidance and support of the consultant from Jayaa Agro Foods. No fees will be refunded in that case.
  9. Every literature is a property of Jayaa Agro Foods. Copying, duplicating and unauthorized usage of the same would be considered as an offence. Liable action will be taken in this regard.
  10. The Terms & Conditions are subject to revision from time to time. It will be duly informed to all the clients at the time of revision.

Consultation fees have to be paid in full at the time of Registration. Kindly contact for any further query in this regard.