Director's Profile

  1. The Founder & Managing Director, Jayaa Agro Foods, Mr. Sushant Shekhar, a highly committed promoter & entrepreneur, strives and motivates his task force and his clients to achieve superior quality products utilizing the best available natural resources. Through his hard work, passion and strong commitment, Jayaa Agro Foods, is known for providing excellent technical guidance to all its clients.
  2. The company which was set up in the outskirts in Bangalore with a 10 Kg production capacity per day on 19th June 2009 has grown up to a proposed capacity of 1500 Kg per day. In 2011, he commenced Training and workshops with regard to mushroom production. He pioneered the concept of utilization of natural resources in Mushroom Production, such as rain water harvesting, use of solar heating system etc...
  3. Jayaa Agro Foods has also ventured recently in providing Consultation and guidance to farmers, students and entrepreneurs to initiate mushroom cultivation in both small & large scale. Jayaa Agro Foods has as many as 23 clients so far who have utilized our consultancy services.
  4. At Jayaa Agro Foods, the consultation services have so far been provided for cultivation of Oyster and Milky White Mushroom to various Self Help Group and Independent organizations.
  5. He has received many awards and accolades during his academic career. He has been as a Guest Lecture in as many as 13 seminars and conferences, guiding students towards a career in Biotechnology.
  6. He has an Interview published in September 2011 issue and May 2013 issue in Agriculture & Industry Surveys.
  7. He has conducted Webinars on topics like Mushroom Cultivation and Challenges in Mushroom cultivation
  8. Currently, he is also pursuing his PhD from Tumkur University, where he is working on medicinal plants and Holistic Approach of healing an ailment.
  9. He has received Karnataka Suvarna Shri State award for supporting rural self-help group towards economic empowerment in February 2013.
  10. He has 9 International Publication and 14 proceedings of research publications to his credit.
  11. Jayaa Agro Foods is also progressing ahead with some other initiatives in agri sector such as Plant Tissue Culture, Biofertilizers, Goat farming, Medicinal plants cultivation, Probiotic Yoghurt Production, Organic fruits and vegetable, Floriculture, Pickle production and so on.