Our Products

  1. Oyster Mushroom:

    Oyster mushrooms are gaining lot of popularity because of its ease of production and delicacy. The name oyster mushroom applies to over 20 different species which are grown worldwide. Also, it has its share of medicinal properties due to the presence of statins and lovastatins. The average temperature for growth is 24 – 28 Degree C and humidity above 85 – 90 %.

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  2. Milky White Mushroom:

    As the name indicates, these mushrooms are pure white in color and the shape of a fully grown milky mushroom closely resembles an umbrella. It has thick and fleshy fruiting body and has captured the grower’s attention due to its better shelf life as compared to other varieties. The average temperature for growth is 30 – 35 Degree C and humidity above 85 – 90 %

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  3. Button Mushroom:

    A very common and popular variety in India, these are largely cultivated in places with low temperature. Though, the commercial cultivation of button mushroom has now covered most part of the country. The white and round fruiting body has become a popular household name for mushrooms.

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  4. Mushroom Spawn:

    The seed culture being prepared in strict laboratory condition with high level of sanitization being maintained. These spawn are being prepared by experts and we make sure that these spawn are high yielding and fruitful to all the growers. Spawn production is strictly order based.

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  5. Dried / powdered Mushroom:

    In general, oyster mushrooms are also sold in dried or powdered form which can be stored for months together in a proper hygienic condition. These can be used to make soups, mushroom tea, as a nutritional supplement or in curries and dal.

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  6. Ready to Fruit Mushroom Bags:

    An initiative started for Hobby mushroom growers to enjoy the home grown mushrooms. We do supply these bags to people who want to enjoy the mushroom growing in their drawing rooms. These are not for supply for commercial purpose so far and the bags are supplied only based on orders.